We are Building a Web3 Ecosystem

333.Builders is a decentralized organization, managing processes, people and capital through DAO principles, on a mission to onboard 1M peoples to Web3 by 2027. Starting from Italy.

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Accelerating Blockchain Adoption

One block at a time, we are building an ecosystem that aligns incentives among founders, investors and enthusiasts. We involve our community in various activities to explore the potential of web3 technologies. Together, we share knowledge, encourage innovation, and inspire each other.

  • Community Driven Web3 Venture Studio

  • Web3 Research, Education & Dissemination

  • Services - SOON...


333.Builders offers a place for Web3 Enthusiasts

  • Build your own professional identity on-chain

  • Grow your professional blockchain Network

  • Support and interact with other Web3 Startup Entrepreneurs

  • Share ideas and build projects with the community

  • Earn the right to vote within the 333.Builders DAO


Unlock the Potential of Your Web3 Startup with 333.Builders

We contribute to the growth and development of your promising project, offering our expertise and our community. Together, we collaborate to drive your success.

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Our Values

333.Builders is a decentralized organization, managing processes, people and capital through DAO principles, with a focus on decentralization from day one.


In the coming decades, we will see a gradual shift from the current hierarchical structure, frozen within defined boundaries, towards the DAO model, which is a different way to manage both capital and people.

A DAO is indeed open, collaborative, horizontal, it does not only provide space for the individual to grow according to his/her needs, but it is also capable of aligning the interests of different participants toward the same, shared goal.


We decentralize work thanks to a gamification pathway linked to our Discord Server. Everyone is invited to join us and vote.

The more you contribute, the more power your vote withholds. The voting power of each member is public and easily accessible. To offer even more transparency, we’d love to take the decision process on-chain.


333.Builders proposes itself as an aggregation landmark, pursuing goals such as spreading knowledge about web3 and blockchain technology or engaging in open discussion and fostering ideas and debates.

To this extent, 333 organizes activities like networking events and promotes R&D initiatives.


Builders are made to build. Constant interaction with professionals makes it possible to easily validate an assumption, understand its value, and decide whether to proceed or pivot.

From already existing startups to newborn ideas, 333.Builders creates the ideal interactions necessary to take web3 solutions to the next level.