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The Italian DAO that drives Web3 Startups to the next level

Discover our project

As of today, 333.Builders is the first Italian community of professionals in the web3 ecosystem, whose mission is to accelerate the adoption pace of blockchain technology on a national scale.

We are planning to do so by building a self-sufficient 
ecosystem for the development, acceleration and funding of web3 solutions, in which professionals, innovative startups, enterprises and investors take part. In 333.Builders everyone can find partners, co-founders, consultancy, finances and valuable feedback. Thus, on top of a decentralized community, projects are born, supported, undertake a due-diligence process and are finally funded.

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Builders are, first and foremost, blockchain-enthusiasts. They believe in the future of a decentralized web, dedicating their time towards the development of a cooperative and distributed society.



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333.B is an aggregator of professionals and talents who have a strong passion and curiosity for the world of blockchain and Web3. The community exist to stimulate dialogue, sharing ideas and brainstorming around blockchain applications that can break down existing barriers and result in a positive impact on society as we know it today.


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333.B stimulates the growth of each Builder through the creation of On-Chain reputation by certifying everyone's work for the DAO via digital assets. This process is carried on via a Gamification pathway, which  allows each members to acquire voting power within the future 333.Builders DAO.

Financial Resources

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333.B will be the first italian Decentralized Community that, while supporting blockchain-powered startups, will simultaneously enforce a governance mechanism allowing the DAO to cast a vote on matters such as policy decisions and treasury allocation.

Our Key Propositions

Find your Purpose

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  • Build your own professional identity on-chain

  • Grow your professional blockchain Network

  • Support and interact with other Web3 Startup Entrepreneurs

  • Share ideas and build projects with the community

  • Earn the right to vote within the 333.Builders DAO 

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