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One block at a time, we are building an ecosystem that aligns incentives among founders, investors and enthusiasts.

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333.Builders Vision & Mission

333.Builders is a community-driven Venture Studio that aims to become a DAO. We discover, support, and finance blockchain-powered solutions at their early stages.One block at a time, we are focused on creating an ecosystem that aligns incentives among founders, investors and enthusiasts.


Community-driven Web3 Studio

We discover, evaluate and support blockchain-powered solutions at their early stages

Web3 Research, Education & Dissemination

We engage community Builders in various activities to explore Web3 technologies and foster innovation. This includes conducting cutting-edge research and organizing educational initiatives with our Partners.



333.Builders DAO Structure

333.Builders was created with the idea of becoming a decentralized organization since day 1.Such a vision necessarily results in managing processes, people and capital via the characteristic principles of a DAO, which are: collaboration, democratization and meritocracy.

333.Builders Road Map

The roadmap of 333.Builders DAO outlines a strategic path towards establishing a self-sustaining ecosystem for web3 innovation. It encompasses stages of community growth, project incubation, partnership expansion, and global influence.

333.Builders Carreer

Builders are all members of the 333 Discord community. They participate in community events and activities. They are placed on a gamification pathway and can undertake the 333.Career.

333.Builders Around

At 333.Builders, our Core Team is the driving force behind our mission to support and empower blockchain startups. Comprised of industry experts, visionaries, and seasoned professionals, our team is committed to fostering innovation and revolutionizing the web3 landscape.

333.Builders Core Team

Meet Our Dynamic Core Team: Driving Blockchain Innovation Forward