333 is a Community of People: our Builders.

Builders are blockchain-enthusiasts: they believe in the promises of a decentralized web and are working toward the goal of building a cooperative-distributed society.

How is a DAO different from a centralized company?

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) are collective organizations owned and managed by its members with all of them having a voice. We are actively building a powerful community around our mission and values, for the world.

Benefits of working with the DAO:

Build your own professional identity on-chain

Grow your professional blockchain Network

Support and interact with other Web3 Startup Entrepreneurs

Share ideas and build projects with the community

Earn the right to vote within the 333.Builders DAO

Contribute from anywhere in the World, at your own time

How can I participate?

There are several levels of participation on 333.Builders. 

You can contribute as little or as much as you want to. The more you contribute, the more you gain rewards and power in the community. 

Keep up on everything in the DAO. Follow us on Linkedin for updates, Join the Discord to learn about contributing and discuss governance proposals on Snapshot (wen ready!).





Join Discord & Pick Your Role

333 Builders offers a platform for individuals to contribute to the growth of the web3 ecosystem by identifying their strengths and interests. By choosing from a variety of roles that match their expertise, members can connect with like-minded people and collaborate on innovative projects.


As a developer, they create software and digital tools that meet business needs and user expectations.


The legal professional ensures compliance, protects intellectual property, and mitigates risk for individuals and businesses.


The marketing professional promotes products and services to target audiences through various channels to drive results.


The design professional develops visual and experiential solutions that engage audiences and solve problems.


The business professional drives organizational growth by developing strategies, managing resources, and making critical decisions.


Investors provide capital to fuel innovation and economic growth by assessing risks and making informed investment decisions.

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We discover, evaluate and support blockchain-powered solutions at their early stages

We actively engage our community Builders in a wide range of activities aimed at exploring the potential of Web3 technologies, sharing knowledge, and fostering innovation. from conducting cutting-edge research to organizing educational initiatives with our Partners.

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